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Physical Activity Clinical Champions

Become a Physical Activity Champion

Public Health England are currently recruiting Physical Activity Champions and offering free peer to peer training for clinicians working in primary and secondary care.

With exercise being championed by figures such as Sir Muir Gray as ‘a miracle cure’ it is great to see public health England taking this pro-active step to encourage greater physical activity to improve the health of the nation.

The UK has one of the lowest levels of physical activity in Europe with over 1 in 4 people deemed underactive. A lack of physical activity can be attributed to 1 in 6 deaths and up to 40% of long-term health conditions. Advice on physical activity from health care professionals has been shown to improve clinical outcomes. For further information and accounts from current Physical Activity Champions please download the flyer here.

If you would like to be a key part of pushing this initiative and book your free sessions email the PHE Team at: