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Senate Council

Secretariat Role
Independent Chair (appointed) Sally Pearson
Deputy Chair (appointed from within the Senate Council) David Halpin
Citizens’ Assembly Member Chair or deputy and one other selected on a topic specific basis) Nick Pennell CA Chair
Citizens’ Assembly Member selected on a topic specific basis TBC
HEE Debi Reilly
SWAHSN Deputy CEO Dan Lyas
PHE Maggie Rae
Core Members
Specialty Medicine Dom Williamson (Emergency Medicine)
Specialty Medicine Clare Barlow (Oncology)
Specialty Medicine Andrew Tometzski (Paediatric Cardiologist)
Specialty Medicine Nick Kennedy (Anaesthetics)
Specialty Medicine Andria Merrison (Neurology)
Speciality Surgery Melanie Feldman (Oncology)
Speciality Surgery Ben Lankaster (T&O)
Speciality Surgery Neil Hopper (Vascular)
Speciality Surgery Peter Davis (Paediatric Intensivist)
Emergency Medicine/Surgery Katie Cross
GP Mary Backhouse
Ambulance Service Rhys Hancock
Mental Health Paul Winterbottom
Care of Older People Sara Evans
Care of Older People Arvind Kumar
Nursing Caroline Smith
Nursing Carol Stonham
AHP Ros Wade
AHP Richard Walters (Physiotherapy)
Public Health Rebecca Reynolds
Medical Scientist Diane Crawford
Children Miles Wagstaff
Children~ Currently on sabbatical Anita Pearson
Children Alyson O'Donnell
Maternity Minesh Khashu
Pharmacy Mark Stone
Clinical Strategy Marion Andrews-Evans
Social Care Vacant
Social Care Vacant
Dentistry Vacant
Community Nursing Vacant
Specialty Medicine Vacant
Specialty Medicine Vacant
Co-opted Membership
Clinical Network – Maternity (shared) * Vacant
Clinical Network – Cancer Amelia Randle
Clinical Network – Mental Health Vacant
Clinical Network – Cardiovascular Vacant
Clinical Network – Dementia Vacant
STP/ICS Clinical Lead BNSSG Peter Brindle
STP/ICS Clinical Lead BSW Andrew Girdher
STP/ICS Clinical Lead Devon Paul Johnson
STP/ICS Clinical Lead Dorset Sarnia Ward
STP/ICS Clinical Lead Gloucestershire Andy Seymour
STP/ICS Clinical Lead Somerset Alex Murray
STP/ICS Clinical Lead Cornwall Tamsyn Anderson
Non Voting/Invited
NICE Jane Jacobi
Director of Nursing Leadership and Quality Improvement: NHSE/I Penny Smith
Head of Digital:NHSE/I Heath Cormack
 Specialised Commissioning Vacant

The Clinical Senate Council is the ‘steering group’ of the Clinical Senate, led by the Clinical Senate Chair, Dr Sally Pearson, and consisting of a core membership of senior health and social care leaders, clinical experts and patient and public representatives. As far as possible, the selection of Clinical Senate Council members will be geographically and professionally distributed.

The Clinical Senate Council will take an overview of the strategic direction and business of the Clinical Senate by:

  • Agreeing the Terms of Reference for the Clinical Senate.
  • Developing and publishing a set of principles and values that guide the Clinical Senate.
  • Being responsible for the formulation and provision of independent advice to commissioners.
  • Agreeing the key priorities for the Clinical Senate in consultation with the health and social care system.