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What determines suitability for discharge to community settings?

19th June 2014, Taunton

The next deliberative Council meeting of the South West Strategic Clinical Senate will consider the question:

What criteria (clinical, pragmatic and humanistic) should be used to determine suitability for discharge from acute units to community settings (including normal place of residence)?

This question has arisen from discussion around healthcare provision in the community, at community hospitals and the acute/community interface at the recent Assembly meeting on 10th April 2014 in Exeter.

Every deliberative Senate Council meeting takes place in three parts:

  • part one – evidence giving
  • part two – deliberation
  • part three – summing up

Interested members of the public may attend the first part of the meeting to hear the evidence. Detailed notes from the rest of the meeting will be available within two weeks of the meeting on our website. Registration is required to ensure venue capacity is not exceeded.

For further details contact us