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We are currently taking applications to join the Clinical Senate Assembly. If you are interested in becoming a Clinical Senate Assembly member please complete and submit the application form below.


Regional health and social care professionals of Consultant level or equivalent can apply to become Senate Assembly Members via an online application. These must be approved by the Senate Chair and the Senate management team. Senior non-clinical managers can be co-opted onto the Senate Assembly by existing members of the Senate Council or Senate management team. There is currently no cap to the number of Senate Assembly members.

The Clinical Senate Council draws its membership from the Clinical Senate Assembly. The Clinical Senate Assembly will meet 1-2 times per year to contribute to the work programme for the following year. Current Senate Council Members were appointed from December 2015 for one, two or three years at their discretion. New members will be elected to join the Senate Council from the Senate Assembly using a phased approach in order to retain and handover expertise, aiming for complete renewal of the Senate Council over a three year period.