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The Clinical Senate Assembly is a diverse multi-disciplinary collective providing the Clinical Senate Council with access to professionals with a wide range of experience and ability from across the South West. Membership encompasses the ‘pre-conception to death’ spectrum of care across all health and social care settings.

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Angie Abbott Head of Podietry Services
Chris Anderson Consultant Paediatrician~Regional Chair Diabetes Network
Martin Ansell Associate Medical Director
Sally Arnold-Jones Clinical Development Manager
Graham Bamforth Physiotherapy Professional Lead
Kathryn Bateman Consultant
Mary Baulch Deputy Divisional Nurse Women and Children
Jeremy Bewley Consultant IC~Anaesthesia/UK Intensive Care Society Council
Marcus Bradley Consultant Neuroradiologist
Marcus Brooks Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Phil Bullock Speciality Director of Pathology
Sandra Burns Nurse Assessor
Christopher Burton Chair of BNSSG Stroke Board
Dominic Byrne Consultant Gynaecologist
Jacqui Clinch Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist
Matthew Cramp Consultant Gastroenterologist
Ian Currie Consultant Surgeon
Peter Davis Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
Geraint Day Regional Co-ordinator
Greg Dix Chief Nurse
Eddie Doyle Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinical Director
Chris Dudley Consultant Renal Physician
Robert Dyer Medical Director
Sean Elyan Consultant Oncologist
Richard Eyre Consultant Psychiatrist
Paul Eyres Vascular Surgeon
Liz Farrington Consultant Nurse
Daniel Flannigan Consultant Physician
James Fraser Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care
Rachel Gardner Nurse
Joanna Garrett Patient Safety Improvement Officer
Greg Garrett Clinical Lead for Rapid Response
Katrina Glaister Quality Directorate Facilitator
Dorothy Goddard Consultant Breast Radiologist
Claire Gorzanski Head of Clinical Effectiveness
Samir Guglani Consultant Clinical Oncologist, GHT Director, Medicine Unboxed
John Hancock Consultant Gastroenterologist
Sian Harris Consultant Paediatrician
Tim  Harrower Consultant Neurologist
Helen Harvey Clinical Manager, Prosthetics & Orthotics
Jonathan Haynes Consultant Psychiatrist
John Hyslop Radiologist
Stephen Iles Consultant Physician
Carol Inward Paediatric Nephrologist
Sarah Jackson Consultant Geriatrician
Sally Jarmain Mental Health Nurse
Joanna Kasznia-Brown Consultant Radiolologist
Phil Keeling Consultant Cardiologist
Umraz Khan Plastic Surgeon
Richard Krysztopik General Surgeon
Dhushy Mahendran Consultant Obstretrician
John McGrath Urological Surgeon
Brendan Mclean Consultant Neurologist
Priyanka Mehta Consultant Haematologist
Nicholas Michell Consultant Gastroenterologist
Teresa Middleton Deputy Director of Quality
Martin Moody Consultant Urological Surgeon
Maria Morris Clinical Team Lead
Stephen Morris Clinical Lead at the Bristol Paediatric Spine Service
Vivien Mortimore Head of Midwifery Services
Debesh Mukherjee Consultant Geriatrician
Jonathan Mutimer Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Carolyn Nation Head of Countywide Community Services
Andy Nevill Consultant Clinical Scientist
Tim Nokes Consultant Haematologist
Anita Pearson Clinical Lead CYP Partnerships Directorate
Mark Pietroni Director of Public Health
Elizabeth Price Consultant Rheumatologist
Jackie Pridham Clinical Psychologist
Ananthakrishnan Raghuram Consultant Respiritory Physician
Amelia Randle Clinical Lead SWAG Cancer Alliance and GP
Emma Redfern Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Ann  Remmers Maternity and Children's Clinical Director
Clare Rotman AHP lead- Integrated Therapy Service
Mark Scheepers Consultant Psychiatrist
Mark Selman GP
Jasmeet Soar Consultant Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthesia
Jon Standing Director of Pharmacy and Accountable Officer for Controlled Drugs
Deborah Stevens Medical Director
Carol Stonham Senior Nurse Practictioner
Myles Taylor Consultant Obstretrician & Gynaecologist
Matthew Thorpe Consultant Paediatrician
Anthony Timoney Consultant Urological Surgeon
Jane Tizard Paediatric Nephrologist
Elizabeth Toy Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Mark Turner Consultant Cardiologist
Chalil Vinod Associate Specialist in Spinal Treatment
Emma Waller Pharmacist
Joanne Watson Clinical Director of Women’s & Children’s Services
Richard Welbourn Consultant Surgeon
Tim Wells Clinical Lead Cardiology
Susan Wensley Consultant Care of the Elderly
Peter Whitfield Consultant Neurosurgeon
Elizabeth Wilkinson Consultant Opthamologist
Daniel Williams Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Claire Williamson Head of Psychological Therapies