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Senate Council Meeting: Climate Change

On the 28th November 2019 the Clinical Senate deliberated the question:

The NHS produces millions of tonnes of waste, and is responsible for 6.3% of England’s total carbon emissions and 5% of travel in the UK; What are the top 5 high impact changes that healthcare systems can make as a meaningful contribution towards mitigating climate change?


SW Senate Scene setting

Dr David Halpin, Deputy Chair, South West Clinical Senate

Declaring a Climate Emergency
Datagreen is the new blue2

NBT/UHB Sustainability Team (Sam Willitts and Esther Coffin-Smith), Mat Molyneux, Consultant Anaesthetist, UHB

RCOA Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams, Sustainability Lead, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Extreme Events and Public Health

Dr Ishani Kar-Purkayastha Consultant in Public Health, Public Health England

Terry Kemple SW Clinical Senate Council Meeting 28 Nov 2019

Terry Kemple, RCGP representative for Sustainability Climate Change and Green issues
& Lead Green impact for Health toolkit

Sustainability Benefits

Paul Upton, Cornwall STP

Medicine Sustainability and carbon footprints

Natasha Callender, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow

Public perspective – Survey results

Joanna Parker, Chair Citizens’ Assembly


Pre Reading

BCAA Briefing note for NHS Senate Thurs28Nov2019




Agenda and Notes

28.11.19 Agenda-Senate Council – Climate Change. docx

Download the recommendations from the meeting here