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Senate Role in Independent Clinical Review as part of the NHS England Assurance Process

During August, Dr Sara Evans, Consultant Geriatrician from the Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Bath, and member of the Clinical Senate Council, was invited to sit on an Independent Clinical review Panel for the West Midlands Clinical Senate.  The topic in question was the proposed reconfiguration of surgical services at a NHS Foundation Trust Hospital in the West Midlands. Alongside her on the panel were members of the West Midlands Clinical Senate, and also a number of independent clinicians from other clinical senates.

Dr Evans attended a 2 day meeting in Birmingham, where she heard evidence from the programme board and the CCG, and participated in clinical site visits and interviews with key stakeholders.  A review was also undertaken of the documentation provided by the Programme Board to support the evaluation of the Trust’s programme.  At the end of the meeting, the panel formulated a series of recommendations based on the evidence presented, which have had a significant impact on the proposed reconfiguration.

Similarly, where the South West Clinical Senate is asked to undertake Clinical Reviews in the South West it will recruit a team of clinicians from out of area and through liaison with the wider networks of other Senates across England.

Further information about the South West Senate’s role undertaking clinical reviews is available here