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South West Acute Surgery Conference

Is reconfiguration the answer to delivering a safe, quality service?

30th September 2014, Taunton

We are pleased to invite colleagues to an Acute Surgery Conference on 30th September that is being jointly run by the Royal College of Surgeons and the South West Clinical Senate – this one day event will be asking whether reconfiguration is the answer to acute surgery or not…

This one day conference aims to bring together those delivering, commissioning and implementing acute surgery services in the South West. Through a series of presentations, interactive discussions and panel debate the conference aims to explore the future of acute surgery service provision and how best to deliver safe, high quality services in light of a changing healthcare environment. We are pleased to confirm we will be joined at the Conference by Professor Mike Parker, Vice-President of the RCS, Mr Peter Lamont, RCS Regional Council Lead for the South of England and Professor Mike Horrocks, former Vice President of the RCS.

The event timing dovetails with preparation ahead of the next Clinical Senate Council deliberative session on the same topic. The question for the Senate Council on 16th October is;

Based on available evidence and guidance, how should emergency surgical services be configured in the South West, so as to provide comprehensive, high quality emergency care based on national standards that is sustainable for the future?

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